Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sumbangan Daripada National Insurance SDN BHD

Today five pupils from this school received aids from National Insurance SDN BHD. The presentation ceremony was held this morning at Sekolah Rendah PDN PJ Sengkarai Tutong.

The happy faces of the children


Thank you very much. From:

Nurhadiqah binti Awg. Yussof (Pre-School)

Muhd. Adi Syafiee bin Awg. Yussof (Year 3)

Siti Nurjuhaidah binti Yakup (Year 4)

Siti Nurul Amidah Fazzillah binti Yakup (Year 6)

Muhd. Adi Syahiran bin Awg Yussof (Year 6)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Academic Activity - Mathematics

On 20th February 2010, Saturday, academic activity for one of the core subject, Mathematics, took place. All of the pupils from Lower Primary and Upper Primary took part. The activities were conducted on different part of the school ground, making use of their surroundings to help them in their activity.

Kejohanan Badminton Tutong I

Badminton Tournament Final for Primary Schools in Tutong I was held last Thursday, 18th February 2010. Alhamdulillah, five representatives from SR Penanjong managed to make their school proud. Congratulations to all of you :)

Perseorangan Perempuan
Siti Nurhayati binti Md. Jofri

Bergu Lelaki
Md. Iqbal bin Ramlee & Ak Ajmal bin Pg. Ismail

Bergu Perempuan
Syamimi binti Suni & Fatin Nabilah binti Md. Zaini

Monday, February 15, 2010

Academic Activity - Language

Language activities was conducted last Saturday, 13th February 2010. The Lower Primary had Bahasa Melayu activities while the Upper Primary had English Language activities. The activities were held at different locations in the school to give that different learning environment to the children despite having fun at the same time.

Penilaian Awal Numerasi & Literasi 2010

The Early Intervention Programme for this year started on 25th January . The intention of this programme is to detect pupils who are weak in their numeracy and literacy skills. From this detections, the pupils are then given the help that they need to improve/increase both of these much needed skills. It is an on-going programme with the hope that it would help the pupils to improve as well as excel in their studies.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Twins & Triplets of SRPT 2010

This year SR Penanjong is fortunate to have four sets of twins and one triplets. It's rare considering SRPT is a small school.

The triplets: Pre School
Nur Wardiah, Nur Wardina and Nur Wardah binti Abdullah Salim

The twins: Year 2
Nuramal Syahirah and Muhd. Akmal Syahir bin Muriady

The twins: Year 4
Nur Haziyah (Yr4A) and Nur Hazwani (Yr4B) binti Ali Mohtar

The twins: Year 4
Noorismazatul Syafiqah (4B) and Noorismazatul Syahirah (4A) binti Md. Nazri

The twins: Year 5
Nur Amal Nazirah (5A) and Nur Amal Nadhirah (5B) binti Rajami

Group photo

With Guru Besar, Cikgu Rasiah binti Hj Md. Tuddin

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