Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Netball Champion 2011 Tutong I

Congratulations to the Sekolah Rendah Penanjong's netball team for emerging as the champion for the Primary School Netball Tournament for Tutong I this year. The netball championship was held on 2nd June 2011, Thursday at Tutong Sports Complex. It was organised by the Tutong District Co-curricular Education department and hosted by Sekolah Rendah Keriam.

Sekolah Rendah Penanjong made it to the semi-finals with Sekolah Rendah Lamunin as its opponent, scoring 6 to 5. In the finals, Sekolah Rendah Penanjong beat Sekolah Rendah Sinaut marvelously scored 15 to 3.

Moreover, Dayang Siti Nur Syaza Syafiqah binti Sahrin (Year 5A) won the Best Player of the tournament and Dayang Siti Nurhayati binti Mohd. Jefri (Year 6 Star) was announced as the Top Scorer with 24 goals during the tournament. A very special thanks to the coaches, Cikgu Hjh Rosemah binti Haris, Cikgu Katherine Rimpang and Cikgu Adeey Asrahwati binti Hj Abdul Karim. Your hard work and dedication are deeply appreciated in coaching the school's netball team in reaching their dream to be crown Champion for the Primary School Netball Tournament for Tutong I this year. Also not forgetting, big thanks to all of Sekolah Rendah Penanjong's teachers who supported the school's netball team throughout the tournament.

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