Friday, November 28, 2008

Majlis Doa Kesyukuran PSR

Jumaat, SR Penanjong telah mengadakan majlis Doa Kesyukuran sempena kejayaan murid-murid darjah 6 dalam peperiksaan PSR mereka tahun ini. Majlis ini bermula pada pukul 8:45 pagi yang dihadiri oleh ibu bapa dan penjaga murid serta para jemputan sekolah. Majlis ini dimulakan dengan bacaan Al-Fatihah beramai-ramai yang diketuai oleh Ckg. Hj. Imbran bin Hj. Ibrahim. Setelah itu ucapan dari guru besar SR Penanjong, Ckg Rasiah bte Hj. Md. Tudin dan juga ucapan dari PPKD Tutong I, Ckg Juned bin Mohammad.

Majlis diteruskan dengan penyampaian hadiah kepada murid-murid yang mendapat gred A dalam mata pelajaran PSR. Seterusnya penyampaian hadiah sebagai penghargaan kepada guru-guru yang telah terlibat mengajar darjah 6 di atas usaha mereka. Guru-guru darjah 6 juga tidak lupa menyumbangkan hadiah kepada murid-murid mereka.

Setelah itu bacaan doa selamat dan menikmati jamuan sebelum bersurai. Bagi gambar sepenuhnya sila tekan di sini

"Doa itu senjata bagi orang yang beriman, tiang agama serta cahaya langit dan bumi"
(Hadis riwayat Abu Ya'Ia dan Hakim)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Majlis Penutup Persekolahan 2008

Today, 25th November "Majlis Hari Penutup Persekolahan & Penyampaian Hadiah 2008" was held at SR Penanjong's hall. The event started at 8:30 am with doa recited by Ckg. Hj. Imbran bin Hj. Ibrahim (SRP SENA's teacher) followed by a speech from headmistress, Ckg. Rasiah bte Hj. Md. Tuddin and also form guest of honor Ckg. Masni bte Hj. Duraman, Penyelia Dearah Tutong II.

The ceremony was started by "Allah Peliharakan Sultan" (national anthem) and "Lagu Rasmi Sekolah" lead by the school choir. Followed by a group singing from Pra "The wheels on the bus", then choral reading "The Bullfrogs song" by primary 4, singing "Five little ducks" from primary 1, nasyid by Primary 5, a musical drama by primary 2, morden dance by primary 6 and group singing "you are my sunshine" by primary 3. Then presenting certificates to our school's juniors (pra students) as well "penyampaian hadiah" for top 3 students of every class. The ceremony was ended with a song "sing your way home" sang by parents & students.

Parents and students were served with food and drinks before they went home. Below are some snaps during the event or you may click here for more pics.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Penutup Sekolah"Preparation

Thank You To Our Beloved Guru Besar For helping us.....

Stay Back

Its November and still we have a lot of things to do..

Preparation for the "Penutup Sekolah"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

School trip to OGDC

Today, about 50 students from upper primary together with 5 teachers (who were in-charged) went to OGDC, Seria. The purpose of this visit is to encourage the students to develop their thinking skills and to widen their knowledge especially in maths and science by doing ‘fun’ exploration provided by OGDC. Moreover it is as one of our regular school-trip towards end of term.

The students enjoyed the visit since they can play several cool games that mostly leads to their curiosity and challenge (even teachers in charge were trying to manipulate some of the games hehe). By these they were having fun and learn at the same time. Most probably for some of the students it may be their first time visit to OGDC.

Before heading back to school, the teachers and students were having breakfast at Ideal cafe & grill restaurant.

Thank you to the OGDC staffs for the warm welcome and assistance and most important is to feed us with valuable infos. Hope to see you guys again next year with more other interesting games to explore. More pictures on this trip can be surfed from here

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Warga Sekolah Rendah Penanjong ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada
kerana telah mendapat keputusan 5 A di dalam perperiksaan PSR tahun 2008. Semoga akan terus berjaya dimasa akan datang... Amin. Tahniah !

P/s: You may congratulate him through 'comment' below. Thank you

PSR result is OUT!

A big and 'shocking' day for all primary 6 students (including the teachers of course) since PSR result was released in the afternoon. Everybody was busy examine their school's results. Looking at the result, Alhamdullilah SRPenanjong have done great and we have one student with straight 'A's. Anyway we would like to congratulate to all students in Brunei who passes especially those with flyin colours.

To all SR Penanjong students and techers... well done! you guys have done great. You can download PSR result from here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Link - Hari Penutup Sekolah 2007


For Hanis, click here for more pictures of "Majlis Penutup Sekolah Rendah Penanjong" last year... enjoy :). All images below are taken from Majlis Penutup Sekolah Penanjong 2007.

Monday, November 10, 2008

SRP mini Stadium - in progress

Sekolah Rendah Penanjong will be having its first junior track and field due completion by the end of next year insyAllah. This project includes grandstand, multi purpose courts for futsal and net ball, running track including long jump runway track and a junior soccer field with artificial grass(?).

Currently we can see the layout of our future "mini stadium" from the school's veranda. This shows a good progression even sometimes the contractors have to extend and minimise their work due to heavy downpour these days. Most of heavy duty work like piling were done in the afternoon so that pupils can learn without distractions.

We are craving for this sort of facilities (especially the students) and can't wait for its completion. We are very grateful to the government for providing us with these facilities so we can do any sport activity with ease insyAllah.

Future location of SRP grandstand

View from the school's veranda

Friday, November 7, 2008

SRP at blogspot

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all readers,

We the residents of Sekolah Rendah Penanjong would like to introduce you to our very first school web blog. This site is created due to the massive readers of blogspots nowadays and as a medium of communication among schools around the country and probably around the globe. Furthermore it is as a replacement of our old school's website since we found that blogspot is more user-friendly and easy to update. Besides it also serves as a feedback to JSS since recently there are several schools in Brunei Darussalam has thier own school's blogspot.

InsyAllah this blogspot will be updated from time to time as our school's daily report of activities, news or any sort of information which we find essential. Most of the teachers in this school or perhaps the students will be the contributors of this blogspot and will be written either in Bahasa Melayu or English.

On behalf of the school's head mistress, Ckg Rasiah bte Md. Tuddin we are please to welcome you all to our school's blogspot and feel free to link at your blog/websites. Thank you and happy reading.

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